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As most of you know by now the Stargate Worlds MMO was put on hold due to funding and management issues. Even though we are still a Stargate game fansite not affiliated with the game creators, I did get the chance to personally meet many StargateWorlds game developers ... all of which were deeply committed to creating the best stargate game to date ... if they had been given a chance to finish it. That said, we are still open to comments fueled by the great Stargate franchise and hopefully by your continued interest may lead to a better managed Stargate game...

Even though I have moved on to other gaming sites, let me know if you want to help keep this Stargate community going by chatting in the forums, playing in the arcade, blogging, etc...leave your comments below.

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Welcome to Our World

The Stargate series has captured our imagination for several years and fed us limitless possibilites through their looking glass. Now with the Stargate Worlds MMO Game, we have the chance for greater immersion and interaction. StargateWorldsGame.com is a fan based resource for any who want to build Guild groups or just to meet new friends through Connection lists and Private Messaging. Share your thoughts and interests about SGW or what matters most to you in the discussion Forums. Post online gaming Videos or comments on things you've read. Plus create your own Blogs here and let us know what discoveries you've made. Check out our Gallery for the latest SGW screens or send us your own SGW News to post. If you want to take a break, play a quick mindless game in the Arcade and see if you can climb the leaderboard. Thank you for stepping through to our world...choose your avatar and have fun!

Your Forums

Your Community

Join us in the SGW Game forums...a place for you to post thoughts on or for the Stargate Worlds game and other interests. The community forum will only be as strong as your participation, so post your what you know, feel...what you want the world to know. You may also subscribe to any forums of interest and be notified as the are updated. If a forum subject you are looking for is not found yet, add your topic to a General forum. The purpose of these forum discussions is to broaden our knowledge base not only as casual viewers, but to add support for those with questions. Feel free to add in your other interests, hobbies...what you do for fun as well as SGW. Supplementing your forum ideas, remember to start a Blog about important events in your gaming life, join or create a SGW Guild, post online SGW videos from YouTube, etc...make this your community.

SGW Guilds

Build a Guild

A Guild is just an organized group of gamers with a common theme or mission. Guilds should have a Banner Logo (128px) and can be joined three ways...Open (Anyone), Approval (Anyone can apply), Invite (Private Invitation). The benefits to joining or creating your own Guild is proven mmo strategies and better friendships. An organized team with assigned roles is a force to be reckoned with. Read through the different Guild mission statements and if none appeal to your taste create your own Guild. Each Guild group can create bulletins and group emails that will help keep you in sync. Plus you may add your Guild comrades to your profile Connections for a simple buddy list.

Notes: Take a second to read the Guild Policies posted here. Have fun!

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